satan Beyond Forgiveness?

Why is Satan beyond forgiveness? If God loves unconditionally then why is there a condition for Satan? 
So maybe he’d never ask for forgiveness but if God truly loved unconditionally he wouldn’t need the request right? Wouldn’t it solve a lot of problems if God forgave Satan? Kind of like the prodigal son.

It’s interesting that angelic beings are never promised forgiveness in the Bible.
I can only conjecture that the principle of “To him who has been given much, much will be required” is in operation here.
Angelic beings have no need of the proof of the existence of God.
For them, there has never been a “wall of separation” which has dimmed their understanding of the spiritual world.
They ALL have the memory of being in the intimate presence of the Creator of the Universe.
So any decision to reject His authority over them would not have been taken through ignorance, misunderstanding or spiritual blindness (as our human decision always is), it will have been taken in the full understanding and awareness of the consequences of that decision.

So what about “forgiveness”?

Is it “legal”? You might think that a strange question, but we understand God to be a God of Justice. This means that he is Just in all his doings. In our society, that is called being “legal”.
This means that God can only “forgive” if there is a legal basis for doing so. If you think about it, His forgiveness of our sin is not a turning of a blind eye to it (which is spoken against in the bible), but a blaming of it all on His own Son. His “substitutionary atonement” – to use the theological phrase – means that he and we were substituted, one for the other, in the legal process. He got our sin and its punishment, we got his righteousness and its reward.
So our sin has not really been forgiven in the sense of being swept under the carpet, it has been paid for legally.

No equivalent suggestion about angel’s sin exists in the Bible.
Sounds harsh, but I think it relates to their previous privileged position, as above.
And you have also to wonder whether an offer of forgiveness, if it were possible, would be accepted by an angelic being (satan) who considers he has made an irrevocable decision to rebel against his creator, and replace him.

You might think that is too much wishful thinking on satan’s part, but he has already persuaded man to cede all authority over the created world, and all authority over the minds and hearts of all uncommitted people, to himself.
As far as he knows, he is still winning.
You have to realise, he is NOT omniscient.
satan does not know the end of the story, as you and I do. He is spiritually blind, ever since he left God’s information chain behind.

He may suspect he is going to be in trouble one day, and he may know the direction the trouble is going to come from (the church and Israel) but he still thinks he is going to win – or if not, at least to hold God off for as long as possible.
So satan is not about to do a prodigal son act, realise his mistake, and rush home to father.

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