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Is Anyone Else Out There?

When watching Men in Black, it shows in theory that a whole solar system/galaxy could be in a tiny object hanging around someone’s neck and therefore our galaxy could be one of many. So could God be trying out different ways of making companions for him? Or would he get the same mess of a world time […]

That’s not proof that God exists!

We can’t see or touch God. We can see and touch the Bible but that’s not proof of the existence of God in many people’s opinion. And Christ’s miracles are arguably mythological.

Why Didn’t Jesus Baptise? John 4

John Chapter 4 verse 2 corrects a misapprehension which the Pharisees had – they heard of baptisms among the disciples of Jesus, and incorrectly assumed that it was Jesus who was performing the baptisms. John the Evangelist points out that Jesus himself didn’t actually baptise, he permitted his disciples to baptise on his behalf.

I’m scared!

I’m  scared about going into 7th grade because people are saying that most of the teachers are really mean. But all I want is to do a good job and not get into trouble or yelled at. Should I be scared or just go see what happens? Please help, thank you for your time.

What does God look like?

This question is from my friend Joseph who asks, “What does God look like?” This fabulous question has an answer which can be ridiculously simple, but also can be very complex. Let’s do both!

Why Include Genealogies?

Why do so many books include such extensive genealogies, what was the OT Jewish purpose/reason they included this? (Nehimiah with the people who built things for example)?

Tithes and Priests

What did the priests and Levites do with the tithes? I assume some was for sacrifice but was it also for their own provisions and/or to dispense to the poor?