Is Anyone Else Out There?

When watching Men in Black, it shows in theory that a whole solar system/galaxy could be in a tiny object hanging around someone’s neck and therefore our galaxy could be one of many. So could God be trying out different ways of making companions for him? Or would he get the same mess of a world time and time again (not his fault but ours)? Or perhaps after this planet is finished will he start all over again otherwise his creative side would become unused? The angels he had when he started this planet, were they his loyal followers from a previous planet?

Sorry about the many very deep questions, but a creative mind produces them!!

You’ve been reading too much sci-fi!

To answer, let me take you on a philosophical journey – rather similar to the one you have tried….

— And you and I COULD be just brains in a glass jar, being fed nutrients through to keep us alive, and information through wires attached to our senses inputs on our cranial nerves.

You COULD think that seeing as ALL our information about the outside world comes through our senses, some superior being with good wiring skills and a half-decent computer COULD be the source of all we know about the outside world. Philosophers have conjectured so for years.

There have been one or two films based on this idea, with people escaping from their cocoons and starting to lead a rebellion against their former masters.

The fly in the ointment of this philosophy is that we do NOT only have information about the OUTSIDE world, we have information about OURSELVES, inside. It was Rene Descartes who said “I think, therefore I am”. He didn’t mean that thinking was the process which called him into being, he meant that if he could observe himself thinking, that proved to himself that he existed. There was no other conclusion possible.

This deep level of consciousness – the level of knowing we exist – is called the “id” by philosophers. The overlying character which we show to the outside world is what they call the “ego”. Now, have a think about yourself, for you as a Christian, at what level does your awareness of God come in? Most people say at the level of the id – we know God’s presence at the same deep level that we are aware of our own existence.

And that fits with the Bible accounts of how God lives “IN” us, not at a superficial level, but at a deep level.

Feels right, doesn’t it?

Now, are there alternate Universes, and is our universe contained in a pendant round the neck of a being in another existence?

Here’s some discussion about Men in Black from a Christian website – worth going online at to read some more:

Nowhere in the Bible does God even mention the existence of alien beings, much less any provision for their salvation. The world is having a field day with U.F.O. obsession due to current speculations concerning Mars. New movies focusing on U.F.O.’s seemed to be cranked out every day. Still, it is great to know that Christ is on His throne, and He will only let mankind go so far with challenging God’s Word with scientific speculations.

A bit “black and white” for me – I’m a Sci-fi fan and love the fun speculation about other dimensions and stuff – but in the end, he’s right, the Bible is totally silent on such matters. If aliens landed in my garden tomorrow and said “Take me to your leader”, the first questions I would ask them would be about whether they had sin in their world, and if so, had they had a saviour come to die for them?

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