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I’m scared!

I’m  scared about going into 7th grade because people are saying that most of the teachers are really mean. But all I want is to do a good job and not get into trouble or yelled at. Should I be scared or just go see what happens? Please help, thank you for your time.

Here’s what God said to me as I thought about your Question. All of the themes are from the Bible, so you can just think about them, or you can go and look them up in a Bible – if you do this, make sure you have a version of the Bible which is easy to understand, (you may want to ask an adult who you trust about this):
Let’s look at a few themes:

1 Peter Chapter 5 verse 7 says we should cast all our worries onto Jesus. Why? Because He CARES for us – just think about that! Your parents can only care for you when you are at home. Jesus cares for you all the time! So that even includes when you are at school!

In Psalm 62 verse 1, King David said “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.”
David had been pursued by King Saul, who wanted to kill him! How could David live with such fear? It was because when David was with God, God gave his soul rest. How did that happen? David looked to God for his freedom from fear. Now let’s look at this again.
2 Corinthians Ch 3 v 17 tells us “Where God’s Spirit is, there is freedom.” Freedom from what? The answer is, “whatever oppresses you.”
So, are you being oppressed by your fears of what might happen at your school? Well, rejoice! For if you let your heart submit to the Spirit of Jesus, he will free you from those fears. Her will give you freedom!
Isaiah 26 3 tells us that if we keep our mind fixed on God, he will keep us in “perfect peace”.

What sort of peace are you looking for? Maybe a teeny bit of peace? What about “perfect” peace? Will “peace that is perfect” be peaceful enough to drive out the fear? I think it should be.

Although these are words which were written thousands of years ago, people were the same then as they are now, and the fears you feel in your mind are exactly the same as the fears they had then.
So, remember, you are in God’s presence all the time – stay in the place of his presence.

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