When Rapture Occurs

Will all of our body parts be ‘raptured’, I am just curious. For example, if I were to donate a kidney to a non-Christian, would my kidney get raptured with me, or would they get to keep it? And on the flip side, if you were a Christian and you were given a kidney transplant, […]

Who Were Resurrected?

Who were resurrected after the crucifixion? Why is this event only mentioned in one Gospel (Matt 27:52-53)? Is there any significance in it? Do we know any of the holy people it talked about?  When Jesus died and conquered death, was this like a first rapture? All the old heroes of the Bible – Noah, […]

Freewill and Predestination

Freewill and Predestination: what happens if you emphasise one to the detriment of the other? This question is one of two which arise from a question about Judas (qv).  I have answered it separately because it is immensely theologically important in its own right

Angels and Christians

When we go to heaven and get our heavenly bodies, Do we inhabit the same place with the angels? Can we do the same jobs as angels? Do we become angels? Or are we there to worship our maker and have nothing to do with fighting evil on earth?


What is the Greek translation of the word “flabbergasted” and why is it so important!!!?

Angels as Humans

Can Angels appear in human form to help out in a situation and then disappear again when you are in great need of help?

Commissioning Angels

Ok, in the light of Dr. Sharon Stone’s talk on Sunday, can we commission angels or do we ask God to?

Breast Milk and Manna

I have been reading in ‘Breastfeeding News’ that you do not need to feed babies water, as breast milk contains everything that they need to survive. On this basis, do you think that manna was made from the same basic ingredients as breast milk?? What do you think that God added to it to make […]


This from a US citizen who is struggling to reconcile her faith with political systems: I’m curious what Biblical support there is for democracy as many Christians claim it as the only true biblical model. As far as I can tell, it would probably look more of a monarchy (though not exactly the UK model […]


Why is theology like every other ology? Hence Sociology or Physiology, Psychology and every other ology way over our natural heads. Is there really a logical explanation for everything? See wikiology for reference! 😛 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ologies#List_of_-ologies