Judas Iscariot

Is Judas Iscariot in hell or heaven? Because if God is here to save everyone then how can this one man be foretold to betray Jesus like he had no choice like he was destined to Hell?

Lost Books of the Bible

I understand there are a few books that are called “The Lost Books of the Bible” that are not included because they either do not make sense or were not God inspired, but is there anything that can help with the understanding of the bible and why does the Roman Catholic Church include some of […]

What Did the Disciples Believe?

John 20 This Sunday’s message After both disciples have gone into tomb (v8), it says “he believed”. Then in brackets it says they still did not understand from Scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead. So what did they believe?

Jewish Faction’s in Jesus’ Time

From the little study I have done on this matter, I get the impression that the different sects at the time were in a sense at war with each other. Or at least greatly disliked each other. You have all the priestly classes who had a position of power that Jesus was threatening. The Pharisees […]


At lunch today the question was asked, Why the Transfiguration?

Guardian Angels

So do we get a guardian angel each and if we do because there are more humans on the planet than ever does that mean God might run out of angels one day or is he creating more as he needs them and equally could Satan’s forces be getting over-stretched?

Before Messiah

We know from the Bible that Israel and some of the surrounding areas knew God before Jesus was born. Is there any evidence that any other people around the rest of the globe might of known about God? And if someone for example was searching for something spiritual, would God have made him self known […]


Has the new covenant replaced the old? A long answer on the nature of covenant and Israel will suffice!!

Torah and Old Testament

What are the fundamental differences between the Jewish Torah and the Old Testament?

Same God?

A guy at work today who is a Muslim told me we have the same God. At first that grated with me but after a while I began to think he might be right. There is only one God, but many different ways to (supposedly) reach him. I believe in the Christian way but that […]