Let's Ask Phil

How Was the Earth Made?

Did God make the earth just appear or did he make it from a process like the “big bang” or “black hole” just to keep the evolutionists guessing and does evolution play some part in the way the earth is (except us Humans) or was everything we have now, instantly created on the earth?

Let's Ask Phil


Phil why would God put fossils in the Earth?

Who Gets To Heaven

What is your opinion on what happens to people who haven’t heard the gospel when they die, do they go to heaven? Do young children/babies who die, that are to young to make a decision on becoming a Christian, go to heaven?

Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Did Jesus have the Holy Spirit when conceived, like John – did He need the Spirit anyway AND when He was baptised in water and the Holy Spirit came upon Him was that baptism in the Spirit?

Eating in Heaven

When we go to heaven and have the big feast with Jesus, what sort of things will we have? Because surely all things that are REALLY nice and tasty are bad for you, so does that mean they won’t be in the feast as we are in heaven so bad things won’t be there?

Can You Change Your Mind?

When someone gets to heaven, do they still have a choice to be able to turn away from God as satan did and other fallen angels? And if so, would that mean satan will always have a kingdom of fire and torment but won’t have access to heaven for temptation etc… after the world has […]

Clothes in Heaven

Will we wear clothes in heaven or will it be like Adam and Eve in the garden before they sinned?

Why 1000 Years?

1000 Years of Jesus’ Rule

During the 1000 years of Jesus’ rule will the earth be restored to what it should be or would it still have all the problems of this day and age like Global warming, oil shortage, natural disasters etc. as won’t there still be many people who refuse to follow God? But if it is restored […]

There is WHAT River?

Recently I have been singing at home more and am questioning whether I understand all of the words i.e. understand what I’m singing about!! “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God!” What does this mean? Does it mean that the river-water from the throne washes us like I think […]