What Would Heaven Be Like?

In our brief chat the other day I was asking about the situation of someone having several husbands/wives ( one after the other) on earth, so what would their relationship be in heaven and would they know who is who etc? Also, would we know who we used to be on earth? Plus would we […]

Jesus as a Man

When Jesus was on earth He walked around as a man filled with the Holy Spirit BUT did He have a head start in that He was born without sin (whereas we were born in sin)?

Naming God

Hi, all, I thought I’d post an interesting email exchange from another site – one in which Jews and Christians interact. The Jews, as is their normal practice, don’t write out the word “God” in full, out of respect. The Christians have no such qualms, so they have to get along together. However, here comes […]

Illness and Stuff

God is a loving God, but why do things like illness and murder and stuff like that happen to innocent people, especially children?

Alternatives to the Cross

If God had decided to send Jesus to Earth now instead of 2000 years ago, would it make any difference to people’s salvation if Jesus was hung, killed on an electric chair or killed by an injection? Did Jesus have to die on the cross?

Marriage in the Millenium

When we come back with Jesus to rule, will there still be marriage? So will I come back with my husband and any of our future kiddies? Also at the end of the 1000 yrs will there still be children being born or is there no more new life, just what is already here?

Original Sin

Maybe you could shed some light on what you believe about this original sin business. 1. As some people do not believe in it 2. If it did occur then should it not now be dealt with (for the believer obviously to be worked out in the sanctification process) as Jesus died on the cross […]

Rapture, A 1000 Years etc

I presume that we would get our resurrection bodies at the point of rapture, so what happens when we come back to the earth with Jesus to rule for a thousand years? Do we have these new bodies in this fallen world and what would our purpose be?  Would we still benefit from what is […]

Let's Ask Phil

Dinosaur Bones

After a long heated discussion with Steve on many occasions about dinosaurs, I was just wondering what other peoples thoughts on the subject are: Did they exist? If not where do their bones come from? If they did where do they fit in with the Bible and its timeline?

Let's Ask Phil

Creating What We Can’t See

Why did God create the Solar System when we only need or can live on one planet? We can’t even see all the planets. Part of me thinks that it is so that we could create sci-fi films to watch. It is the same with the galaxies, they look great but you need to invest […]