Death and Adam and Eve

When Adam and Eve were told “do not eat the fruit or you will die” they had no frame of reference for death. They didn’t know what death was as they had never experienced it and had not yet eaten from the tree of knowledge.  It’s like telling a child who has never been burnt […]

The Bible and Freewill

I have asked several Christians how we know The Bible is a reliable source and they said “because God wouldn’t let anything go in it that wasn’t his word. Doesn’t this contradict the whole free will deal? The Bible was written by humans hearing the word of God, but they are not reliable interpreters for […]

Stories My Mummy Told Me

When I was little my mummy told me that all the banging and crashing was God moving his furniture around and the bright flash was him taking a photograph with his flash camera. (So he could remember what it looked like!) As I have grown older I have begun to question this theory, what is […]

Jesus and Worship

Would Jesus ever have “worshipped” like us? Singing songs, dancing or even flag waving!?

Why Do I Feel Like This?

Who am I and why do I feel like this?

Why Create a World That Would Fall?

Hi Phil just stumbled across your website and found this question bit, and thought I’d utilise it! I have always struggled with the concept that God knows everything and that God is omnipotent because…. Surely God would not have made this beautiful world if he knew man would ultimately fail. It is a problem in […]

Noah’s Ark

With millions and millions of species living on the earth today, how did Noah build a boat that could hold all those creatures and how did he round them up to get them on the boat?

Speaking in Tongues

What is the meaning when people speak in tongues? Does Jesus hear these people over all others? Or do people speak in tongues to have only a seleted few understand what they say, one being Jesus?

Seventh Day Adventists

What’s the difference between what Seventh Day Adventists believe and what Christians believe?

Time of Rapture Part 2

If for example Phil’s best guess is fairly accurate and that the Rapture happens in 5 years time, does that mean that the whole world would have heard the gospel as this is one of the things that need to happen before Christ returns or could that be fulfilled after the Rapture in the last […]