A Common Word

A new Islamic document circulating – Should we sign it? I was asked to give my opinion on a document which is in the News. I thought the subject might be interesting on here. Christians are being invited to sign up to a document produced by Islamic Scholars who are responding to the Pope’s speech […]

Blood Issues

I read in the paper this week about a young lady who gave birth to twins but died due to loss of blood and her refusing a blood transfusion because she was a Jehovah witness. Her husband would also not allow them to save her. What do they believe which means they can not have […]

Take Up Your Cross

What did it mean to the disciples to be told “pick up your cross”? They did not know Jesus would be crucified.

Third Heaven

I’ve read and heard lots of discussions about 1st, 2nd and 3rd heaven. The basis of this, I assume, is Paul’s reference to being taken up to the third heaven. Some think therefore that 1st heaven is the earthly realm (though why it should be called heaven is confusing), 2nd heaven is the spiritual realm […]

Queen and Faith

As I understand it the queen of England is the upholder of the Christian faith, and I believe that Charles wants to be the upholder of all faiths if he gets a chance at being king, does the church have the authority to prevent Charles from upholding all faiths or do they have to abide […]


Matthew says it’s adultery if you even have lustful thoughts. Got that and agree. What if you’re unmarried? Also… what about the person (lets presume it’s a woman) whose being lusted over without knowing it? It’s not fair on her! She has no choice and that in theory makes it rape-like. What can you do […]

Evil Spirits

I was reading 1 Sam 19 today and here are my questions: Why would God send an evil spirit to Saul causing Saul to want to kill David (v9) particularly when God had anointed David to be King? If Saul was “visited” by evil spirit how come he seems to easily prophesy under power of […]

Christian Names

Why do we refer to our first name as our Christian name?