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How Did the OT Jews Cast Lots?

How did the OT Jews cast lots? I think it was to decide decisions that they didn’t have clear directives on?

By lots, you are generally meaning the Urim and Thummim, though casting lots in other ways was not frowned upon in Jewish society – witness the election of Matthias to the Twelve in Acts 1 23 and 26. Yes it was generally thought God could show his will in this way. Was that right? Well Matthias was never heard of again – so I think that is a good question.

Nobody knows much about Urim and Thummim, you can do word studies on the meaning of each word – Light and Perfection, I seem to remember – but what they were and how they were used is only speculation. Most think they were held in the High Priests robes, he put his hand in and picked one – but why this was and why God used it is a complete mystery. – Unless you know better to tell me?

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