Is there an Insect Heaven?

Is there an insect heaven?

As far as the Bible is concerned, there is only one heaven, where God sits to rule over the earth. We will be with him, one day, and even now, we are able to speak to him – right there! – because His Holy Spirit enables us to talk to Him and Listen to Him.

But what about animals, insects, fish and birds?

The Bible never says about any of these creatures that they can be sinful, or need saving, or that the blood of Jesus made a difference to what will happen to them after they die.

All animals are beautiful creatures, (though I’m not keen on wasps and spiders!) and they are all made by God.

When Adam was in the Garden of Eden, he was allowed to eat only plants. However, when Noah was alive, God gave people permission to eat from the animals as well as the plants.

So, though God is very clear that we should not kill people, he does not forbid us to kill animals for food.

Can you tell that there is a really big difference between people and animals?

Even if you think about chimpanzees, which are quite similar to us in some ways, yet you have never seen a chimpanzee that can talk, they haven’t invented writing, or playing music, they haven’t even invented some easy playground games like hopscotch or skipping. They don’t arrange school for their children, and don’t seem interested in either the sciences or the arts.

So even the animals which are physically like us are miles different from us in the way our mind works. This fits in with the impression you get from the Bible that animals don’t have souls which live on after they die.

So, no, there isn’t an insect heaven.

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