Rapture, A 1000 Years etc

I presume that we would get our resurrection bodies at the point of rapture, so what happens when we come back to the earth with Jesus to rule for a thousand years? Do we have these new bodies in this fallen world and what would our purpose be? 

Would we still benefit from what is in heaven during that time (eat all you wanted, never get ill etc…) and I presume that one thing we would do is try and bring more people to know Jesus, and when they accepted, would they then get their new bodies? 

We certainly would get our resurrection bodies at the point of “meeting Jesus in the air” – the Rapture (1 Thess 4 17).

So on any Rapture scenario (pre-Trib, mid-Trib, post-Trib) by the time the Millennium starts, immediately after the seven tribulation years, we will be safely and permanently in infallible bodies with unusual (for our minds now) powers.

The start of the Millennium is marked by the continuation of this world and all people who are left over from the Tribulation, certainly the non-believers, and possibly some believers too.

It is also marked by the imprisonment of satan – and all that belong to him – for a thousand years in a place called “The Abyss” in Rev 20 1-3.

So we then rule over this Millennial world jointly with Jesus. (I think I will be assigned to Tahiti!) Travel to our location of rule would be immediate, using the powers of our new bodies (see previous answer).

We, with our new bodies, will not sin of course, but for all the people over whom we rule, sin will not be tolerated, for Jesus will rule “with a rod of iron” (Ps 2 9, Rev 2 27, Rev 12 5, Rev 19 15).

All other powers of our new bodies would also remain – they are permanent. The one which means most to he Questioner is obviously the first he mentions above – eating. Relax, you’ll be fine!

On your last point, I have to confess ignorance. I don’t think the Bible tells us what happens to people who become believers during this thousand year period. It is fairly silent on a lot of detail here.

However it is revealing about what happens at the end of the thousand years: satan will be loosed from his prison for a short time before he is finally conquered by Jesus. (Rev 20 7-10)

In that short time he “goes out to deceive the nations”. And does he succeed? You bet! He collects an army which comes from every part of the earth to help him in his fight against God. They march on – where? – oh yes, Jerusalem (- again!) before finally being defeated.

This shows that no matter what else happens during this period, the wholesale turning of the hearts of men to God is not one of them. So will people get saved and collect resurrection bodies like us? I hope so, but it won’t be everybody by any means. Salvation has always been for ” the remnant”.

2nd Question

Was just reading through and thinking about this topic, when we come back with Jesus to rule, will there still be marriage? So will I come back with my husband and any of our future kiddies?
Also at the end of the 1000 yrs will there still be children being born or is there no more new life, just what is already here?


The first part of your question – about your relationship with your husband and your descendants – I’ve dealt with under the earlier topic “What would Heaven be like?”

At the end of the thousand years, satan is finally defeated. Then the whole human race gathers at the “Great White Throne” of God to hear his judgment.

We, as people who have chosen him as our Lord, will not be judged as such, because we have all accepted Jesus as our substitute, swopping our sin (put on Him by us), for his righteousness (put on us by him).

All those who have chosen to live without God will then receive their choice. Not a pleasant concept for us to consider, which should spur us on to share Jesus more with others.

So the only ones left in God’s presence will be God’s resurrected people – all in immortal resurrection bodies, which is the situation Adam would have been in if he had eaten of the Tree of Life instead of the other tree.

About our resurrection bodies, as I said in the earlier topic, Jesus said “they will neither marry or be given in marriage”. So no children. The people of God will be complete and everlasting.

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