Jesus as a Man

When Jesus was on earth He walked around as a man filled with the Holy Spirit BUT did He have a head start in that He was born without sin (whereas we were born in sin)?

Heb 5 7-8 suggests that being sinless was harder for Jesus, not easier. He LEARNED obedience, and he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears.

Doesn’t sound a lot easier to me.

Yes he might have needed to be born without sin in order to fulfil the legal requirements on his life, but we read that he was “tempted in every respect as we are”. (Heb 4 15)

We are also told that since he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those of us who are tempted. (Heb 2 18)

Sounds as if he is able to make it easier for us than it was for him.

2nd Question

My point is even though He was without sin He still had a head start.

Were Adam and Eve at one time, “without sin”? If so, they had a head start too?


I’m still not sure why I haven’t answered the question already – it seems to be connected with this phrase “Head start”. I wonder what you really mean by that?

Do you mean “was it easier for Jesus not to sin than it is for us, because he was born without original sin”?

Is the implication that God’s not being fair to us by expecting us to be “like Jesus”?

In other words, are you suggesting that it was easier for Jesus to live a Holy life than us because of who HE was, and we have the same expectations laid on us by God, yet this is harder for us to fulfil because of who WE are?

If this encapsulates the point you are trying to make, I think it is an intelligent question to ask, but the answer has always got to be “No, Jesus had it harder than we do, not easier. It is him who makes it easier for us”.

I’d be happy to explore the reasoning behind this in future posts, IF I have got the right handle on what you are asking.

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