Eating in Heaven

When we go to heaven and have the big feast with Jesus, what sort of things will we have?
Because surely all things that are REALLY nice and tasty are bad for you, so does that mean they won’t be in the feast as we are in heaven so bad things won’t be there?

So, you think all the tasty stuff in heaven is going to be WORSE than our food here? – -in a fallen creation? I don’t think so!
And what about the marriage feast of the Lamb?
When was the last wedding you went to when the food was BAD?

And what about your new body?
It is called a “Spiritual” body, but it will be physical too, because it will be modelled on Jesus’s resurrection body (“We will be like him when we see him…”).
OK. What about this body? It will be in a condition known, in technical terms, (by those “in the know” (—theologians, and stuff)) as “perfect”.
That means, in ordinary everyday English – – – “perfect”.
So there won’t be much room for anything which might be termed “Imperfect” I suppose—

So will it get unhealthily obese? Not a chance.
What about “fat”?
Well it’s interesting that it is only recently that “fat” has become a pejorative (-not very nice) term.
If you look up a book called “The Secret Garden” (You can find it online at the Gutenberg Project. -Google Gutenberg Project) you will find the word “fat” used to denote someone who was unhealthy, and has now become healthy.
This book was written less than 100 years ago, and speaks of a time when thin people were either ill, or desperately poor.
People who were healthy and wealthy were “fat”.
It’s no co-incidence that phrases like “living off the fat of the land” are considered to be speaking of good things, not bad things.

So, I think that when we get our Spiritual Bodies (which will be at the Rapture – could be within 5 years from now as a minimum, by my reckoning) we will be healthily “fat”.
I think my bum won’t look big in that, and my body image won’t be dysmorphic (look it up!), but I do SERIOUSLY NOT expect to look “Catwalk thin”.
So I think that when Jesus has said Grace at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, and he says “Enjoy!”, he will really mean it.

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