Clothes in Heaven

Will we wear clothes in heaven or will it be like Adam and Eve in the garden before they sinned?

Your clothing will be as described in Rev 7 8-14. (Look it up!)

White Robes – Doh! I’ve given the game away – signify royalty, and they also signify holiness – not just the absence of sinfulness but positive righteousness.

We have none of that of our own, so we have to get it from Jesus, hence the paradox in v 14, where red stuff washes dirty robes white.

Adam might not have worn clothes, but he was not in a state of Righteousness in the sense I have just used. He was in a state of the absence of sin, with the constant possibility (which came true) that he would fall.

If only he had taken of the Tree of Life – which signifies Jesus – instead of the other tree, then he would have taken Jesus’s Righteousness upon him, and, I think, been arrayed in his white robes of royalty and holiness.

By the way – girls. – No! Your bums won’t look big in these robes!

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