Why 1000 Years?

Funnily enough, maybe it will only be a couple of generations to fill the Thousand Years; one of the Prophecies about this time is Isaiah 65 20 says people will live much longer (understandable when we remember that satan is prevented form having any effect on the human race).

It says a person who is only a hundred years old will be thought a mere youth.

So a youth for Isaiah’s day was what? Say 12 to 15 years old? And an old person would have been five or six times that age?

So if we now think of a hundred as a youthful age, what is old age? Five or six hundred years.

People will be restored to the longevity (look it up!) of the early Old Testament, living for hundreds of years.

In those days it could be attributed to lack of time for genetic damage to cause life-shortening disease.

In the future, to state it again, it will be attributed to the removal of satan, possibly allowing better cures – or perhaps people will just get better naturally, because of God’s healing presence on the earth. Psalm 41 1-3 hints that God’s people “after a time of Trouble” (=Tribulation) will be restored if they get ill.

So maybe the whole Millennial age will contain few generations.

So why it is a thousand years?
I don’t know exactly, but…
satan has to have opportunity to convict himself of his sin. Even with satan’s condemnation, God is Just, and he has to act with perfect Justice.

Perhaps only that length of time will be enough for all those to die off who have lived through the Tribulation and remember the days of satan’s rule.

So a new generation will arise, and every single one will have been born under the complete and total rule of God.

And the ultimate proof and condemnation will be when even this generation will fall straight into satan’s deception, as I said in a previous answer, and form huge armies to move directly to destroy Jerusalem, which by then will be the seat of the Throne of Jesus.

As for judging the people we rule over (in the sense of passing judgment and prescribing sentence) , I don’t see that for us during the Millennium. Our word will be law, however, as we will take our instructions direct from God. Jesus will judge, with us, at the end of that time.

The only point I haven’t dealt with is your kind suggestion that I have a heavenly body. You are so nice to a poor old man…

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