Expanding Universe

Science says that the universe is forever expanding (great!) and I can understand this. Does the Bible say anywhere something like that?

You’re trying to catch me out, aren’t you?

Isaiah 42 v 5 “This is what God, the LORD, says – he who created the heavens and “stretched them out”

Many writers have pointed out that the tense of “created” and “stretched” in Hebrew is actually the same as the tense of the word “says”, in other words, the Hebrew present continuous tense.
We have got a present continuous tense in English, and using this, these verbs would read “is saying”, is creating”, and “is stretching”.

So here, from 1000 years before Jesus is a verse from one of the most comprehensive Biblical prophets which says that God “is (still) creating and (still) stretching out” the universe.

Modern Science – HA!

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