Hobbies in Heaven

Will we be able to do the things that we enjoy on the earth as long as they do not involve any sin, E.g. you could carry on playing your banjo! Could I do all of my engineering stuff and make things?

How could it be Heaven without banjos?

OK, that was the jocular response.
Remember from previous posts, we learnt that the period we have “in Heaven” may be quite short, ending when we return with Jesus to the earth to take charge after the Tribulation.

God’s desire is that we should be in the physical world, not only the spiritual world.

So “after the Resurrection” i.e. after the Rapture, we will be physical beings once again.

The big difference is that in this present age we can’t “see” into the spiritual world very easily. It’ seems a bit smoke and mirrors to us. (That’s because our sin puts a barrier between us and that world, and that barrier won’t come down till we lose these present bodies and get new ones.)

But in that age! Wow! there will be NO barrier for us.

We will walk in the Spiritual world, in touch with God, at the same time and in the same way as we walk in the physical world. For us the divide will have gone and the two worlds will have intertwined and amalgamated into one.

So we won’t be “in heaven” (only) and we won’t be “on earth” (only), but we will inhabit both worlds (for example, just like our non-physical minds inhabit our physical bodies).

So getting back to the meat of your question:
Will there be Music after the Resurrection?
Most certainly yes – and rather better than now, though Dave Newman does get close.

If there is music, there will have to be something to play it on.

The physical resources – metal, wood and so on, will still exist on the earth, it is part of the normal function of the earth to have those things.

So we will be able to construct things like musical instruments using, presumably, rather more advanced engineering techniques. Just imagine being able to look at a piece of metal and COMMAND it to do what you want – and it would have to obey!

And I would guess that what goes for constructing instruments also will go for lots of other things. The Temple builders were given very detailed instructions for building the Temple and constructing all its fittings and equipment, so there is another example of Godly engineering which we can expect to be more prominent, rather than less so in those days.

Then there is the exploration aspect of it. I’m sure we will not suddenly be possessed of all knowledge just because we have died and come back to life. Wr will still have to learn.

To learn, you have to explore, to experiment, to try out things. You, Questioner, are learning when you engineer a complex piece of equipment. You try it one way, and you may have to modify it because you have learned how to make it better.

I don’t see why that sort of investigation will be able to stop just because things have changed.

satan’s plan is to convince the world that it will be boring.

Ee lad! It’s NOT going to be boring! It’s going to be fun! It’s going to be exciting!

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