What does this mean? Its a Greek word. “Today God is raising up a —- in Rugby and it’s so exciting”

A Strateuma is a small, highly trained, military force with special weapons – a SWAT Team (Special Weapons And Tactics).

“Stratos” is the name for the whole army, and if I “Strateuo” then I am fighting in a “Strateia”, which is a battle.

Herod’s personal armed guard is a strateuma in Luke 23 11. In Acts 27, a strateuma is sent to rescue Paul from being lynched by the Sanhedrin.

In 2 Cor 10 3, Paul says we do not Strateuo like the world does – our weapons are spiritual, and are backed by God’s power.

Paul instructs Timothy in 1 Tim 1 18 to follow his instructions – then he’ll be able to Strateuo the good Strateia – fight the good fight.

We get our words Strategy and Strategic from this Greek word.

Where did you get the quote from? – it certainly does sound exciting!

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