Can Angels Sin Now?

So how about angels, do they have the possibility to sin throughout eternity?

In the Question “Is satan beyond forgiveness?”, I argue that because of the privileged position of angels, with the evidence of the rule of God right before their eyes, so to speak, any decision they take is taken in the full knowledge of the issues involved.

So having decided where to give their allegiance, there is no going back on that decision.

So, consider when satan decided to rebel against God. All the angels under his authority made the same decision at the time.

So what did all the rest of the angels decide right then?

NOT to rebel against God.

The angels who decided to remain true to God cannot go back on that decision, any more than those who decided to rebel can go back on theirs.

So God’s loyal angels will remain true and sinless for all eternity. NON POSSE PECCARE! (Not possible to sin.)

See Original Sin

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